Printing and scanning and Solid

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at
Wed Mar 26 08:01:58 GMT 2008


After a bit of fiddling I managed to get the printer applet running. I am also 
currently improving the Glimpse doc as Glimpse (scanner utility) will move 
soon to kdereview. So this mail is geared both towards the 
applet-printer-settings and Glimpse (Evin noted that Glimpse is already the 
name of a file indexing system, shouldn't it be changed?) 

My USB printer is also a scanner. When I plugged it, my distro did the 
necessary work and installed everything.

Within KDE 4 when I want to print something, there's a nice printing dialog 
and printing works as I expect.

Comes the printing-applet. As I understand it, it's like a sort of daemon and 
when something is printed, the applet appears in the systray and state the 
printer status. It lists the failed and successful jobs. It does not seem to 
be able to state my printer status and in that case I would like it not to 
propose any status window. 

However I got to think about it more. In KDE when my printer is active, 
there's nothing to state it is. I would expect my printer being detected by 
Solid and in the Solid notifier being able to set some options about it: for 
example having the printer-applet always shown when the printer is on.

Same for Glimpse. When my scanner is active, shouldn't the Device Notifer get 
it and propose Glimpse as an action?

So I'd like to know if it's possible for the currrent printer people (the ones 
who did the KDE print dialog + Jonathan) and the libksane + Glimpse people to 
see with Kévin about integrating Solid and being able to notify the KDE 4 
user about this hardware state.


Note that libksane does not like my scanner (HP psc 1210) and crashes.

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