Guidance in KDE Admin

Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Tue Mar 25 09:35:05 GMT 2008

Hi everybody,

I would like to have your opinion about moving and integrate Guidance
applications suite in KDE Admin, as default KDE applications.

This application suite contains many interesting applications, that
could replace old-and-ugly fashioned applications in KDE Admin :

- User configuration (could replace easily KUser)

- Services configuration (could replace KSysV)

- Display configuration

- File System configuration :

...and more (some are still in beta) : Grub Config, Wine config, Power manager.

To process this move, we first need :

- The approval of main developers of Guidance
- The port of libpythonize to KDE 4 (I heard this, but I have no idea
of what is it)
- The port of Guidance apps to KDE 4
- The Core Developer agreement about adding Python apps in main KDE source tree.

Of course, if those tasks are too long to do, it would probably be
difficult to do this for KDE 4.1, but a some new features in KDE Admin
for KDE 4.2 is cool to !

Guidance Web site :

Guidance in KDE SVN :

I'm waiting for your opinions.

Nicolas Ternisien

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