Feedback wanted: multiprocess KDED

Sebastian TrĂ¼g strueg at
Tue Mar 25 07:13:02 GMT 2008

For Nepomuk I use multiple KDED services. However, KDED has the problem that 
all services run in the same process and thread. This has two major 
1. one buggy service brings down all other including kded.
2. one working service blocks all other services.

Thus, I took some code from Akonadi's agent manager and made the NepomukServer 
start Nepomuk services (same as KDED modules with a different service type) 
as new processes. It works very well. It even does dependency handling 
between services.
However, why only doing this for Nepomuk services and not for all kded 
modules. So here the question: would a patch that changed kded to use 
subprocesses while staying completely backwards-compatible be accepted for 
KDE 4.1?


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