Kubrick - new 3-D game in kdereview

Ian Wadham ianw2 at optusnet.com.au
Tue Mar 25 04:40:53 GMT 2008

This is to announce that, following an invitation by the KDE
Games group at their monthly IRC meeting on 16 March, I
am moving a new game called Kubrick into .../kdereview.
I am not subscribed to kde-core-devel so please CC me.

My aim is to release Kubrick with KDE Games 4.1 and to move
it to trunk/kdegames to prepare for that.  Kubrick is already
in the feature list for KDE Games, but see Kubrick's TODO
text-file for a detailed list of known problems and anticipated
features, as at today.

Kubrick is a game based on Rubik's Cube and using OpenGL
3-D graphics libraries, in addition to kdelibs and libkdegames.

It handles cubes, "bricks" and "mats" from 2x2x1 (for littlies)
up to 6x6x6.  It has several built-in puzzles of graded difficulty,
as well as demos of solving moves and pretty patterns.  The
game has unlimited undo, redo, save and reload capabilities.

The docbook is complete, apart from updating some references
and acknowledgements.  There are no libraries in the package,
so no formal API doc.  AFAIK there are no translation or EBN
problems and graphics performance is good, even with an old
Pentium 4 and no graphics card.

Several members of the KDE Games team have tried out Kubrick
and suggested several usability improvements, which I have now
implemented.  There even seems to be some enthusiasm for Kubrick,
see http://games.kde.org/news.php for 19 March.

Hoping for a favourable review, Ian W.
Melbourne, Australia

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