Kubuntu Settings in KDE

Chani chanika at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 21:09:02 GMT 2008

>  * kio_httprc: set Firefox userid on google.com, makes gmail and
>    calendar work
by now I no longer have *any* hope that the gmail team will send konqueror 
code that works in konqueror. we'll just have to lie.
btw, I heard a rumour that you need to set a specific firefox version (1.x?) 
to get the best behaviour.

>  * kwalletrc: don't run first time wizard, its more confusing than
>    than just asking for a password

eh.... but... how can anyone live without kwallet? let's fix the wizard, not 
abandon it.

>  * kwin: double click on window bar to maximise/minimise (does anyone
>  * use windowbar shading?)
me! me!
>  * konquerorsu: NoDisplay in apps menu (root is bad)
yes, root is very bad.

>  * kmenuedit: NoDisplay in apps menu (in right click menu)
so that's why I could never find it! :P

>  * kwalletmanager: NoDisplay in menu (available though systray applet)
unless the wallet is closed, or a systray bug makes it vanish, or...

>  * Add an autostart file for kmix, set main window hidden by default

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