Minitools problem

Anders Lund anders at
Sat Mar 22 17:04:30 GMT 2008

Hi, I have a problem with the minitools extension to konqueror: some of my 
scripts work, some not.

The two below scripts (in the XML representation) does not work, and they 
appear blank when I look at the minitools in the bookmark editor:

javascript:(function(){var k,x,t,i,j; for(k=0;x=document.links[k];k++)
else if (x.onmouseover&&x.onmouseout){x.onmouseover(); if 
(window.status.indexOf('://')!=-1)x.href=window.status; x.onmouseout(); } 
x.onmouseover=null; x.onmouseout=null; }})();

javascript:(function(){var newSS, styles='* { background: white ! important; 
color: black !important } :link, :link * { color:
%20#0000EE !important } :visited, :visited * { color: #551A8B !important }'; 
if(document.createStyleSheet) { 
document.createStyleSheet("javascript:'"+styles+"'"); } 
else { newSS=document.createElement('link'); newSS.rel='stylesheet'; 
document.documentElement.childNodes[0].appendChild(newSS); } })();

Looking at the output from konqueror and the source of the extension, it looks 
like they come out empty from the KURL constructor.

Can anybody point out why they would fail QUrl validation? And is this a bug 
in KDE or in QURL?


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