Laurent Montel montel at
Tue Mar 18 22:03:37 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 18 March 2008 19:56:33 David Faure wrote:

> > code which launchs script is here:
> I meant in the XDG spec.
> * Does the XDG spec support .desktop files in .config/autostart?

Yes :

> * Does the XDG spec support shell scripts and other binaries in
> .config/autostart?

No I don't think.
It's not defined in spec.

> Or does XDG only say "the autostart folder is in .config" without any
> details about how to handle its contents? Then we might as well do whatever
> we prefer indeed :)
> > so we can replace  KGlobalSettings::autostartPath()  by xdg-autostart
> > dir.
> Yes (only if we auto-migrate the files)

Yes normal :)

> > void KSMServer::runUserAutostart()
> Yeah I wrote this code :)

oops ok :)

> However I don't think it handles OnlyShowIn in .desktop files.

We support it:
       if (grp.readEntry("Hidden", false))

       if (grp.hasKey("OnlyShowIn"))
          if (!grp.readXdgListEntry("OnlyShowIn").contains("KDE"))
       if (grp.hasKey("NotShowIn"))
           if (grp.readXdgListEntry("NotShowIn").contains("KDE"))

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