[PATCH] KBookmarks / fd.o desktop-bookmark-specHi

Daniel Teske teske at squorn.de
Tue Mar 18 20:33:16 GMT 2008

> The startWatch() is also called in KBookmarkManager::saveAs(). It's not 
> in the destructor - just looks like it in the patch :-)
> The reason is that i was not sure whether i can start KDirWatch on a non 
> existing file.
Oh okay,looks good then.

> > In kbookmark.cc if we call the function findMetaData() with METADATA_KDE_OWNER, it returns the first metadata element which has either the right or no owner.
> > Which means if there are both, a metadata element with METADATA_KDE_OWNER and a element with an empty owner, the function returns whichever comes first. 
> I think it works as expected, as only if ( owner == forOwner ) returns 
> from the loop. But i have just moved this code and made it more generic.
Ah, then the looks correct.

so, yeah if you want to commit, I have no objections.


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