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Tue Mar 18 09:43:18 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 18 March 2008, Laurent Montel wrote:
> Hi,
> I worked on kcm_autostart and now we can configure autostart files.
> Now I am a question:
> KDE4.0 supports xdg autostart folder (.config/autostart), so it will better to 
> create autostart file directly in this folder.
> So it will necessary to hide in kcmshell4 desktoppath "Autostart Path" and 
> remove in konqueror entry "Autostart" (or replace .kde/Autostart 
> by .config/autostart).
> We keep KGlobalSettings::Autostart for compatibility.
> And we can create a script to move all .desktop (script) in .kde/Autostart 
> to .config/autostart.
> What do you think about it ?

Maybe we need both?
Using .config/autostart instead of .kde/Autostart makes a difference if you use two environments,
like gnome and KDE. What you put in .config/autostart will be autostarted in both environments,
and what you put in .kde/Autostart will only be started by KDE. Isn't this a feature?
I mean, you might have something in your KDE autostart which you don't need/want in gnome?
Looking at my own autostart folder it's pretty KDE-unrelated but maybe others have the need for
the KDE-only folder? Anyone?

Otherwise, if we don't see the need for both, I agree with your solution.

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