Pam services install and cmake

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sun Mar 9 22:22:54 GMT 2008


sorry that it took so long to answer.

On Tuesday 26 February 2008, Vincenzo Di Massa wrote:
> Hi,
> this is my very first email to core-devel.
> But I'm reading the list since 2006.
> The attached patch is an attempt to make pam services installed even when a
> non root install is done. The pam config script goes to $KDEDIR/etc/pam.d/.
> It can be useful to have it there: you may want to copy it in /etc/pam.d/,
> enabling you to e.g. unlock the screensaver :-)
> In order to enable the the new behavior there is an advanced CMake option:

The OPTION() command should not be in ConfigureChecks.cmake, since the purpose 
of this file is to contain only configure checks. 
The purpose of your new option is to be able to enable/disable some things 
depending on whether the install will be done with root privileges.
For now, since this is new, this option should be very local.
The KDE4_ prefix is wrong, since this option is not KDE4-global, e.g. using 
KDEBASE_ as prefix would be much better (otherwise people would start 
searching for the option() command in FindKDE4Internal.cmake or 
KDE4Macros.cmake, since the prefix suggests this).

Beside this I'm not really convinced by this feature, especially since Ossi 
doesn't seem to like it that much.


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