kdesu dialog

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at elpauer.org
Sat Mar 8 12:04:09 GMT 2008

Quoting John Tapsell <johnflux at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
>   It would be really nice to have a class that let you display the
> kdesu dialog.  At the moment it is very difficult to run kdesu
> properly (and despite several days of trying, I've been unable to get
> get kdesu to properly be a transient dialog).
>   I was thinking of copying the code in kdebase/runtime/kdesu   to a
> class.  I was wondering about how to handle the password however.
>   Would it be safe to set the core dump to 0 just while the dialog is
> being shown, and then set it back to its previously value when it's
> gone?  Presumably I would need to make sure that the memory used for
> the password is zeroed.  Could this be handled in a safe manner?

I've recently released a libsudo which invokes sudo and runs a command  
as the specified user with the specified password. Code is ugly and  
will receive some love in the coming weeks but it already works for me  
on Ubuntu Gutsy (sudo 1.6.8p12). Using libsudo you can develop your  
own kdesu/kdesudo or avoid it completely and use your own dialog.


There is a test suite (a bash script) which you can run to check if  
everything works fine in your system. Please report any bugs.

Pau Garcia i Quiles
(Due to my workload, I may need 10 days to answer)

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