kuiserver (JobViewServer spec implementation) close to be finished

Kevin Ottens ervin at kde.org
Wed Mar 5 16:43:27 GMT 2008

Le Saturday 01 March 2008, Rafael Fernández López a écrit :
> I have plans for changing this. I will probably be writing a new KCM (I
> don't know where we could place a config thing of this kind), for letting
> user select [ ] Show jobs in separate windows or [ ] Show jobs in the same
> window.

Actually I think that should be a feature of the kuiserver, not something we 
want to control from a kcm and which changes the kind of default tracker used 
by KIO.

This way we'll at last move the dialogs out of process again, like it was 
before 4.0. With your previous changes we made them in process temporarily 
because you were stuck on kuiserver, now it's time to fix that.

> For that reason, and this question goes more for Kevin, I wonder if we
> should make public API the widget of the progress, moving it outside of
> the ::Private class of kwidgetjobtracker.

Well, I'm generally not fond of code duplication, but for this particular case 
I'd simply copy the relevant part of kwidgetjobtracker into the kuiserver. In 
my view they don't necessarily need to be the same or shared in any way, and 
we might want to make them evolve differently in the future (in such case it 
would be bad to have it in the public API if it's only used internally by 

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