kuiserver (JobViewServer spec implementation) close to be finished

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Sat Mar 1 19:05:40 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I am pretty happy this is being finished. You can find preliminar patches at:


There is only one remaining thing. On global.cpp at kdelibs/kio/kio, you see 
something like:

KJobTrackerInterface *KIO::getJobTracker()
    return globalJobTracker;

I have plans for changing this. I will probably be writing a new KCM (I don't 
know where we could place a config thing of this kind), for letting user 
select [ ] Show jobs in separate windows or [ ] Show jobs in the same window.

K_GLOBAL_STATIC(KWidgetJobTracker, globalJobTracker)
K_GLOBAL_STATIC(KUiServerJobTracker, uiServerJobTracker)


KJobTrackerInterface *KIO::getJobTracker()
    if ((qgetenv("KDE_FULL_SESSION") == QByteArray("true")) &&
        return globalJobTracker;

    return uiServerJobTracker;

This way, we can bypass DBUS calls only when necessary: we are running a full 
KDE session, it is KDE job, and the user wants separate windows.

The KUiServerJobTracker makes call to the org.kde.JobViewServer 

It is important to note that we also need to give support for separate windows 
on the kuiserver itself. Because it is possible that the user had selected 
[ ] Show jobs in separate windows, and what we are receiving is Gnome jobs.

For that reason, and this question goes more for Kevin, I wonder if we should 
make public API the widget of the progress, moving it outside of 
the ::Private class of kwidgetjobtracker.

Comments ? Ideas ?

Rafael Fernández López

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