Request for breaking hard feature freeze for an important Nepomuk service

Daniel Winter dw at
Mon Jun 30 13:41:23 BST 2008

On Monday 30 June 2008 14:25:18 Sebastian TrĂ¼g wrote:

> But now the filewatch service uses at least KDirNotify (just learned about
> that one) and inotify to watch for changes. This means that user that only
> use KDE apps to handle their files will have no trouble. Everyone else will
> also stay out of trouble unless they have more than 8000 something files in
> their home directory (inotify's default limit) or they tag files outside of
> the home dir.

Hello Sebastian,

as I am using this filewatch for some weeks now on my system (without the 
latest addition for KDirNotify)  I want to say a few things which should be 
though of.

First the good: It seems to be stable (never had any crahes or memory leaks in 

But there are problems:

When you have a lot of directorys ( believe it are directorys not files which 
get added to the inotify limit?)  it will use all inotfiy handles at the start 
of KDE. So any other request for them will fail.

And that is a problem: There are other appliciations which really need inotify 
and will not even work without (for example  some svn gui clients).

And there is no easy solution to disable the filewatch service (other than 
removing the .desktop file) persistent.

A solution for that:  Let it check for max_user_handels on start and let it 
for example only use max 60% of them. That is a small change which will help 
to not break any other applications which rely on inotify.


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