Plotter widget

John Tapsell johnflux at
Thu Jun 26 11:53:37 BST 2008

Hey all,

  I've been working for some time on improving the system monitor's
(ksysguard's) plotter widget, and it's finally in a shape that i'm
happy with.

 *  It uses very little CPU (only redrawing what it has to).  it uses
a sliding window pixmap.
 *  It integrates with Qt designer, with properties etc.
 *  It's well documented with code snippets, class information, screenshots etc.
 *  It's works in RTL mode
 *  It resizes smoothly etc.
 *  It can rescale the axis automatically, emitting a signal to allow
for the axis units to be changed.
 *  It's anti-aliased, the points joined with bezier curves, with
optional further 'smoothing' based on a weighted local average.

etc etc.

Anyway, I'd like to move this code somewhere.  I'm guessing
kdebase/workspace/libs  or something.

Where can I put this class? :)


John Tapsell

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