[QK]ComboBox::setEditIcon? (Re: [PATCH] Re: More responsible KFileWidget)

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Wed Jun 25 21:55:11 BST 2008


> IIRC there are dummy-item hacks in KonqCombo... ah yes,
> KonqCombo::setTemporary. Hmm OK there's more complexity there, with the
> support for showing page titles etc. OK, so forget konq, but otherwise
> (question for everyone) -- do we have other KDE apps where a
> [QK]ComboBox::setEditIcon would simplify the code greatly?

Actually, the dummy icon hack was there before I removed it and later readd it 
with better handling.

I don't see why not hack this on KComboBox, I could have a look... Having 
dummy items (wherever they are) is not usually good. However, the handling I 
did on KFileWidget let's say is "smart", and the dummy item is deleted when it 
should be, and readded when it should.

I really thought on the possibility of setEditIcon, and yes, as I said, I will 
look at it (wrote down on my TODO list).

Rafael Fernández López.
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