Separating kwalletd from kded

Michael Leupold lemma at
Sun Jun 22 01:09:20 BST 2008

Hi Daniel,

Am Samstag, 21. Juni 2008 schrieb Daniel Winter:
> On Thursday 19 June 2008 14:43:38 Michael Leupold wrote:
> > I tried to be careful not to cause any regression but in case you find
> > any, feel free to bug me.
> OK, I am not sure if that is something just on my side.
> But I have rebuilt kde yesterday and now I have to start kwalletd on my own
> to use KWallet.  Do I have to update some file ~/.kded4? If so, how will
> that happen when an user using 4.0.x now will update to 4.1?

It might be possible that your kded is choking on the still-exisiting 
$KDEDIR/share/apps/services/kded/kwalletd.desktop which was now moved to 
$KDEDIR/share/apps/services/kwalletd.desktop as it doesn't belong to kded any 
longer. If kbuildsycoca4 doesn't help, please try removing the old .desktop 
file manually. I hope that does the trick for you. Strange enough it worked 
for me without cleaning it...

Kind regards,

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