[Reminder] KDE 4.1 Beta 2

Michael Jansen kde at michael-jansen.biz
Tue Jun 17 20:50:33 BST 2008

> Global accelerators seem to be messed up, last time i did a round of
> contacts Lubos, Michael Jansen and Andreas Harmetz seemed to agree it was
> somehow broken but noone of them felt it was their fault/responsability to
> fix it.

I'm willing to work on the global shortcuts code. That changed since your last 
round. I fixed all open problems i found since then. If you find problems just 
tell me. 

The following improvements are on my list.

1. When changing a global shortcuts that is used, you get this 'steal shortcut 
dialog'. If you decline the shortcut isn't stolen but on the previous dialog 
those declination isn't effective. It still shows the shortcuts you tried to 
set. (LOW)

2. No standards shortcuts module (working on it).(HIGH)

And for your multimedia key problem. Sorry. I can't afford multimedia keys 
:-). So i'm unable to reproduce and work on it. Seriously. If i can get my 
hands on a keyboard with those type of keys i will try to find ou what's the 
problem but don't count on it. I love my keyboard.

But iirc your round of contacts really was about khotkeys. That one is broken 
and will be for some time because my current contract doesn't leave me much 
time for kde hacking (The euro isn't helpful either). Lubos already said he 
has no time left for it and there is noone else interested in working on it.

If someone want's to lend a hand. Contact me. But this is the third time i ask 
so i don't expect much feedback.

Michael Jansen
Available for contract work ( Development / Configuration Management )

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