[Reminder] KDE 4.1 Beta 2

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Jun 16 19:21:29 BST 2008

On Monday 16 June 2008, Tom Albers wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just a reminder that next Wednesday beta 2 will be tagged.
> The snapshot of last week looked great, so fwiw my compliments to everyone.
> Keep up the good work!
> If there are any issues which the release team should be aware of for KDE
> 4.1, please let us know. For now I don't see any blockers for the 4.1
> release anymore.

Stupid question: is this released together with kdesupport ?
If yes, then automoc from kdesupport will be used, which would be nice. If 
not, I think I'll disable the automoc coming with kdelibs today, so we are 
not getting too late with this.
(automoc in kdesupport can then be used also be Qt-only non-KDE projects, as 
phonon, akonadi, etc.).

Additionally we had a quite lengthy discussion about the library dependencies 
of kdelibs with Debian and SUSE packagers (Dirk ?) and have already a patch 
in kdelibs, but this has to be enabled explicitely 
(KDE4_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_LIB_EXPORT). This can reduce the number of library 
dependencies which is important for packagers.
I didn't yet get feedback from everybody involved, and it is slowly getting 
late for 4.1...


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