[Reminder] KDE 4.1 Beta 2

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at kde.org
Mon Jun 16 18:38:18 BST 2008

On Monday 16 June 2008 17:49:44 Tom Albers wrote:
> Just a reminder that next Wednesday beta 2 will be tagged.
> The snapshot of last week looked great, so fwiw my compliments to everyone.
> Keep up the good work!
> If there are any issues which the release team should be aware of for KDE
> 4.1, please let us know. For now I don't see any blockers for the 4.1
> release anymore.

Not having proxy support will make us look bad, IMO. It would be nice if some 
energy could be directed towards fixing that (although I don't know how 
hard/intrusive it is to fix that).

There's a quick+dirty patch around which somewhat improved the situation, 
apparently it's shipped by Fedora, so it *has* had some testing.


and Andreas Hartmetz is supposed to be working on it as part of his GSoC 
project. Andreas, what's the status of it?

More general, it would be handy to have a list with critical bugs that people 
think should be fixed for the release. That would make it easier for those who 
want to fix things to prioritise by annoyance.

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