plasma leaking X resources?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Sat Jun 14 02:18:13 BST 2008

(Please CC me if you drop k-c-d... hopefully this is hitting the right 
list on cross-post)

Anyone else seeing what looks like an X resource leak in plasma? I've 
seen it go from 384/47839K (pixmaps count/memory) to 1134/63024K over 
the course of a day or so. Since the number of open windows has not 
changed significantly, I'm a bit concerned that these numbers seem to be 
systemically increasing. (Before this pid, I'd killed it with IIRC >2000 
count and a few hundred(!!) MB memory.)

Given the eye candy, I can understand it having a sizable footprint, but 
it's in second place in xrestop (firefox takes first, with almost a half 
GB but considerably more justification; I've got all kinds of images 
floating around on pages in open tabs).

Oh, the double-entendre!

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