Annoying temporary lockups in trunk with nvidia

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Thu Jun 12 11:04:01 BST 2008

On Saturday 31 May 2008 15:25:52 Andras Mantia wrote:
>  since some weeks I started to see annoying lockups in trunk. This means
> that the mouse cursor cannot be moved for a while, or you move the mouse
> and the cursor follows it with a long delay. Switching to a terminal
> with CTRL-ALT-Fx is also hard and takes a while until it happens. After
> a while (a minute or so) things return to normal. I found how to
> reproduce it, but I'm unsure what is broken: KWin, Konsole, Plasma or
> the Nvidia binary drivers.
>  To reproduce, you need to have a running Konsole.  One way to reproduce
> is to start two sessions (tabs) inside one Konsole and switch between
> the tabs. You might need to switch more than once. Sometimes you might
> see black screen for a while.

That happens on my nvidia box quite regularly. It also happens without 
compositing (although apparently slightly less often). Basically I cannot find 
a way to work around it, and it's quite annoying (lots of trivial actions such 
as switching tabs in konsole make the screen go black and lockup the whole 
machine for 10 or more seconds. It's simply unworkable. Tried upgrading nvidia 
drivers to latest stable, to no avail.

I'm pretty close to just going over to the hardware dealer to buy a non-nvidia 
graphics card and be able to use that machine again without banging my head 
against the wall within minutes. We should probably make nvidia people aware 
of this problem and ask if they can find a solution. Does anyone have 

Specs: NVidia 7600GS, twinview, latest drivers, Ubuntu gutsy and hardy, 
2.6.24. I've had the problem for some time now, so earlier version of both, 
OS, kernel and nvidia drivers expose this problem.
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