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On Saturday 07 June 2008, Robert Knight wrote:
> > I don't know. You are talking of "smooth scrolling" here, right?
> No, that is something different.  The debate is about how much of the
> display is shifted when you move the scrollbar up and down, not whether
> there is any acceleration involved.  With the Qt default, moving the
> scrollbar does nothing until you move far enough to reveal a whole item.
> The display then "jumps" so that new item becomes visible.

Thank you for the clarification, and sorry for the noise, then.

> With scroll-per-pixel the display scrolls by a certain proportionate
> amount whenever the scrollbar is moved.  In either case, there is no
> acceleration, the display is either scrolling or not scrolling.
> "Smooth scrolling" as found in Konqueror is where there is acceleration
> involved so that the scrolling starts off slow, gets to full speed then
> slows down again when you let go of the scrollbar/mousewheel.

Uhm, I don't know if there needs to be an option, then! :)

But what about using the scroll wheel to do the scrolling in the list view? 
What about the navigation keys?

I find I seldom use the scrollbar at all... I use it as an indication on how 
many items there are, and where I am in the list, but I tend to use the 
scroll wheel or the navigation keys, depending on where my hands are.   


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