Itemviews - ScrollPerItem, ScrollPerPixel

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Fri Jun 6 12:08:42 BST 2008


> Well, that depends.
> Is there a case where applications would require ScrollPerItem?
> Otherwise the style could have logic like
>   if ( the listview has currently ScrollPerItem, i.e. the default ) {
>      apply user setting
>   }
> (otherwise, i.e. if the app has specified ScrollPerPixel explicitely, then
> we leave that unchanged)

Actually, I didn't think about this question. Probably nobody wants to set 
ScrollPerItem as forced (on developing time we mean, of course), OTOH, Dolphin 
for instance requires it to be per pixel.

This way of proceeding is the cleaner one without any doubt (for that reason I 
had chosen it the first time).

If TT changes the defaults to ScrollPerPixel, we only would have to remove the 
X lines of code from kstyle.cpp, while if we proceed by creating all 
KListView... we would have to continue with them till KDE 4 series are 

By all means we should avoid creagint KListView... so this is the best 
solution so far for this issue. I will provide a patch soon, which of course, 
will be scheduled for 4.2.

Rafael Fernández López.
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