Itemviews - ScrollPerItem, ScrollPerPixel

Peter Penz peter.penz at
Thu Jun 5 10:00:57 BST 2008


> In that case I would say KListView inherits QListView directly, same with 
> KTreeView inheriting QTreeView, KTableView inheriting QTableView... and on
> all of them on their constructor reading this property.

When porting Dolphin to KDE 4.0 I was told that Trolltech hopes that no KListView, KTreeView, ... classes are required anymore because of having QAbstractItemModel and QAbstractItemDelegate.

However in the meantime I'm convinced that having KListView, KTreeView and KTableView would be a good idea. E. g. a lot of such minor adjustments like the scrollbehavior had to be done in Dolphins views and in the file-dialog views in parallel.


> Regards,
> Rafael Fernández López.

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