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> First of all, Qt likes to default to smooth eyecandy already (think of
> the toolbar drag'n'drop :) so maybe they'd agree to default to
> ScrollPerPixel as well. Have we ruled this out?

Yes, I wrote to qt-bugs but without very much hope. That would change behavior 
of applications by default, and I guess they will close the report as a 

> If so, I'd go for 2.b (the K-classes). What BIC changes would this require?

Haven't looked at it carefully, since I thought 2.c was the best one (but it 
has that horrible problem that would override the value that the developer 
set, if any).

I meant BIC changes if we already have somewhere in libs or whatever classes 
inheriting QListView... etc (that we have), we would have to change those to 
KListView... etc.

Actually KListView, KTreeView... would be "empty" classes inheriting 
QListView, QTreeView and reading the default value on their constructor.

Yesterday I said they would inherit KAbstractItemView, but I'm not that sure, 
since if we do:

class KAbstractItemView
  : public QAbstractItemView
  KAbstractItemView(QWidget *parent = 0)
    : QAbstractItemView(parent)

then our classes KListView, KTreeView, would have to inherit both 
KAbstractItemView and QListView or QTreeView...

In that case I would say KListView inherits QListView directly, same with 
KTreeView inheriting QTreeView, KTableView inheriting QTableView... and on all 
of them on their constructor reading this property.

Rafael Fernández López.
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