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On Wednesday 04 June 2008, nf2 wrote:
> > Since when is taking the time to think a disadvantage?
> Generally it isn't, but i guess in this particular case i doubt that
> anyone has the drive to work this out *and* write two implementations.
> Do you?

it doesn't need to be one person. it needs buy in from all participating teams 
(in this case KDE and GNOME) anyways, so it could be done by one or more 
people in each project.

> > And how is involving glib and stuff like that NOT making /our/ system
> > more complex?
> Oh well... Things in this - call it "application infrastructure" or
> "platform layer" - can only be written in GLib+C, 

this is complete and utter rubbish. if you mean that there are people out 
there who will only accept things written in glib+c because they are 
completely inflexible and stuck mentally in the last century, then i'd agree.

those people need to be routed around, however, rather than be allowed to set 
the agenda. a few small minded individuals should not be allowed to sabotage 
the future of the free desktop platform.

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