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Tue Jun 3 19:09:27 BST 2008

On Tuesday 03 June 2008, Robert Knight wrote:
> Hi,
> This doesn't answer your question directly but something that came up at
> FOSSCamp during the KDE/Gnome collaboration session and which also
> relates to upcoming specifications in Ubuntu and Fedora for
> single-sign-on* is that it would be useful to share the password
> management storage, API and/or code between gnome, KDE, Firefox,
> OpenOffice etc.  I don't know whether OpenSuSE are planning anything in
> this area.
> Since this is not particularly exciting stuff I think it was suggested
> that a single shared library could be used to do all of the backend
> work.

This is a common mistake, intriguingly often happening in discussions around 
free software desktop implementation sharing.

In any case the single-sign-on will be implemented through a desktop 
service, , e.g. gnome-key-ring, kwallet module in kded, etc., which means it 
will have to have a well defined IPC API anyway, most likely D-Bus 

Which also has the nice side effect that it can be implemented right away, 
i.e. as a second interface to already existing key storage solutions without 
needing to simultaniously transition all applications using the desktop 
specific interface right now.

> Unfortunately since QCA depends on Qt, I guess that might be a hard-sell
> as one of the dependencies.

It would be a dependency of one service implementation, an implementation 
detail, so definitely not a problem in this context.


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