Icons vs. Documentation

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Jun 3 10:28:45 BST 2008

If an icon is missing, is the wrong icon for the action, or has an image 
that needs changing, this is clearly a bug (whether anyone has reported 
it or not) and bugs should be fixed.

However, this will have an effect on the images in the documentation.

It is also stated that after a certain point, that changes should not be 
made in TRUNK under a freeze, or made in release branches.

This seems to me to mean that there are two competing policies to 
follow.  This needs some resolution.

This can be generalized into two possibilities.

1.	The application is incorrect, but the documentation matches the 	

2.	The application is correct but the documentation does not match
	the application.

Since outdated documentation is a known problem that most users have 
probably encountered, I would have to vote for #2 although it has been 
suggested to me that #1 was the best course of action.


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