KCapacitybar on places item view

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Tue Jul 29 12:01:14 BST 2008

> Le Tuesday 29 July 2008, Sebastian Kügler a écrit :
> > I'm on the fence here. It looks cool, but definitely also clutters the
> > interface. A place where such a capacity bar would be great is the
> > devicenotifier, no?
> Sure, or on Kickoff (we have a ugly one ATM).
> Also as I pointed out (but from discussion on IRC it seems it got
> unnoticed),  this kind of things have technical shortcomings to
> update the info.

Hm, I think I was too enthusiastic with my initial "please commit" suggestion. Yes, the polling topic is really a problem. Dolphin currently already does a polling each 10 seconds to update the capacity bar in the status bar. Having a second unsynchronized polling in the Places Panel is really something that must be prevented.

> Basically,  right now you're forced to poll as I did in Kickoff (if
> someone can point me a way to do it reliably with KDirWatch I
> could fix Kickoff). I'm really concerned to see this kind of polling in
> something as pervasive as the places view (used in kfiledialog and
> dolphin, maybe more I didn't check).
> Regards.
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