Qt SVG renderer

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Tue Jul 29 01:20:31 BST 2008


I have 2 things to say, 1 of them is news, the other is fairly known.

Riccardo rocks. He has created an amazing list of icons that are misdrawn with 
Qt SVG renderer. Mostly the main problem that invalidates Qt SVG renderer for 
actually being used on KIconLoader is that it doesn't support filters/masking. 
Now that the known thing, that Riccardo rocks is said, I proceed with linking 
to his work (I am hosting it, since I uploaded the list).


Here you can find a full list of icons that are misdrawn, and how inkscape 
draws it.

Thanks Riccardo !

Rafael Fernández López.
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