Help with making stuff compile on non-Linux

Sebastian Trüg strueg at
Fri Jul 25 10:30:47 BST 2008

On Friday 25 July 2008 10:30:57 Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 July 2008, Sebastian Trüg wrote:
> > > Even worse, it is for root only until 2.6.26. In any case I don't think
> > > this code should be compiled for anything != linux. for other
> > > platforms, seting nice'ness is enough.
> >
> > that should be fairly easy. Isnt's checking for the definition of
> > SYS_ionice_set already enough?
> Yes, that should do it. Note that this is compile time vs runtime checking
> (the kernel the code runs under could possibly not understand this
> syscall), but the code doesn't to any harmful if both calls fail so its
> only a theoretical problem.
> > > in any case it should use some sleep()'s at good places anyway.
> >
> > But where? What are good places to sleep in the file indexer? Between
> > files? That does not really help I think....
> Help with what? Finishing the index? No. Perhaps a general idle detection
> would be better (does it have a X11 connection? if the screensaver is
> running or the user is idle then switching to fulll speed is probably a
> good idea).

hm... I see. By "full speed" do you mean process priority or non-self-delayed 
indexing, ie. no more sleeping at some places (although I would still not be 
sure which places)?
And, yes, we have an X11 connection.

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