Help with making stuff compile on non-Linux

Alex Merry huntedhacker at
Wed Jul 23 21:10:21 BST 2008

On Wednesday 23 July 2008 09:15:06 Sebastian TrĂ¼g wrote:
> Please find attached a version containing some ifdefs. Do you think I can
> commit this or should I wait for Monday in case it breaks for some people
> and needs fixing by the real experts. ;)

I don't really see why you need to bother with the HAVE_* macros - why not 
just use #ifdef SCHED_BATCH and #ifdef SYS_ioprio_set directly?

IMO, this make the code more readable, because it's immediately obvious what 
the #ifdefs guard against.  The HAVE_* macros are really for CMake checks.



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