[ANNOUNCE] cmake 2.6.0 will be required for trunk starting August 4th

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Jul 21 19:18:46 BST 2008


starting August 4th, i.e. Monday in 2 weeks, cmake >= 2.6.0 will be required 
to build KDE from svn trunk.
So please update your cmake.
In case there are no distribution packages yet, you can get the sources here:

or the binary package, which should work on about every Linux distribution:
(just unpack it to any place you like, it will work).

Here is the full download page:

What will this bring us ?

So many things went into 2.6.0, actually more than I can remember. Just a 
short unsorted list:

-the env. variable CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, which is used by the FIND_XXX() commands 
to find installed software (i.e. if you installed kdelibs under the 
prefix /opt/kdelibs and kdesupport under /opt/kdesupport, set 
CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to /opt/kdesupport:/opt/kdelibs and it will be found)

-support for cross compiling, let's see if that helps with getting KDE on 
small devices

-defining the "link interface" of libraries, so we can limit the indirect 
dependencies of libs

-much shorter delay between entering "make" and when the first target is built 
(now a O(N) algorithm instead O(N^2) )

-libraries are linked to with the full path instead of relying on the correct 
order of the -L and -l flags

-a Qt GUI for configuring projects, editing the cache etc. ("cmake-gui")

-much faster installation, no relinking needed anymore, the RPATH is now 
patched directly in the binaries

-support for OSX library frameworks, let's see if we want to use that for our 
libs like kdecore

-improved packaging support, including RPM and DEB packages (still quite 
early, so needs tester)

-support for creating Eclipse and Code::Blocks projects

-improved documentation, now also for cmake variables and properties, split 
into separate man pages, and now also supports creating documentation for 
custom cmake modules (see http://api.kde.org/cmake/modules.html)

-bug fixes, minor features, ...

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