KDirOperator patchlets

Carsten Pfeiffer pfeiffer at kde.org
Sat Jul 19 17:26:06 BST 2008


since I got a few friendly complaints that KuickShow doesn't work with KDE4, 
it seems I need to revive it a little.

Firtst thing I noticed (after getting it to compile at all) was that 
KDirOperator doesn't send out the fileHighlighted() signal e.g. when changing 
the current item. It only does that in multi-selection mode or when no 
selection is set at all. See attached kdiroperator-fileHighlighted.patch.

The second thing is that pressing return on the current item does not emit 
fileSelected() but fileHighlighted(). I'm wondering if this was an accident 
or done on purpose. See attached kdiroperator-fileSelected.patch.

I already committed the former patch to HEAD. Ideally, I'd like to see both in 

Thanks for any comments,
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