Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Sun Jul 20 14:27:05 BST 2008

On Sunday 20 July 2008 14:29, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> However, code shouldn't depend on indirect #includes.

Sadly, lots of our code does just that. I remember doing a cleanup round once 
on kdelibs where I removed all the non-needed includes for each installed .h 
file, and promptly broke every other SVN module. I think searching for "ade 
fucks up" in the archives of our -devel lists will show this :)

Cleaning up includes is a tedious and annoying process (also in the face of 
#ifdefs). In general we should fix assumptions about indirect includes in the 
places where those assumptions are made, and I'd posit that assumptions about 
indirect includes are bugs not covered by any source-compatibility 


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