Bug with IconSize() with doubled sized icon ?!

Loïc Marteau loic.marteau at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 13:50:45 BST 2008

Hello !

I've some problem using IconSize/IconLoad::currentSize  functions with
double sized icons checked in user settings.
I'm not sure of that but maybe in such case the correct value expected
from this functions is to take care of this settings ?
For the moment the result i have is only the non doubled icon size.

Is it a bug ? I have perhaps missing something...

The workaround i've found is to load an icon and see what the width
it's have in practice...

//m_iconSize = iconLoader->currentSize(KIconLoader::Small); //does not
work with double sized icon
m_iconSize = iconLoader->loadIcon("transform-scale",
KIconLoader::Small).width(); //workaround

Cheers !

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