Fwd: Request to move KGameTheme* classes from kdegames to kdelibs

Matt Williams matt at milliams.com
Mon Jul 14 19:17:26 BST 2008

On Monday 14 July 2008 08:57:11 Frederik Gladhorn wrote:
> Hi Aaron,
> On Monday 14 July 2008 03:18:23 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > On Sunday 13 July 2008, Frederik Gladhorn wrote:
> > > The new place for the classes could be kdelibs/kutils, and the names
> > > could be KTheme and KThemeSelector.
> >
> > KThemeSelector would probably belong in widgets/, but in any case ..
> > these classes look like a harcoded subset of what we provide with
> > Plasma::Package, while also avoiding the conventions of KPluginInfo (e.g.
> > for the author, email and description entries).
> That's why we asked now :)
> I haven't looked at Plasma::Package, but there's probably quite some
> potential for merging with hot new stuff and providing one good way for
> plugin/applet etc management for all of KDE.
> > perhaps, as we seem to be working on similar issues (and KTheme and
> > KThemeSelector would, unfortunately, not work at all for plasma based
> > apps), we could get together (on irc? mailing list?) and figure out what
> > our common needs are and come up with a shared solution...
> Sounds great, we'll ping you on irc.
> We should also talk to the gametheme devs - Mauricio and Matt will be
> interested.

Indeed. I had said that I'd be willing to re-jig KGameTheme* but I agree a 
more flexible approach may be beneficial. Especially if it's getting the 
exposure that something used by plasma will get.

The people involved are spread across #kde-edu, #kdegames and #plasma (maybe 
even #ghns though most of those are in the other channels anyway) - all of 
which I frequent so if we want an ad hoc meeting, just give me a ping.

Matt Williams
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