Smooth scrolling on item views configurable

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Mon Jul 14 17:46:09 BST 2008


> I believe it can be quite useful, but the current implementation is not
> usable.

"Not usable" ?

> If you look at most scroll-per-item list (like the "Add Widgets"
> from Plasma for example), when you scroll it rapidly stars on the right
> do not move and rows appear to be flashing (because the background
> switch from alternate-base to base).

Despite I am not getting this strange things, in any case, this would be a 
problem of _that widget_, and not of setting scrollperpixel property. In that 
case, we should fix _that widget_ and they way it draws those items (a way I 
never liked BTW).

About the flashing thing... I am also not getting this issue, but you can test 
that flashing effect with Dolphin, plugin selector, etc. Was that a blocker ? 
I mean, this flashing effect (if exists, would be problem of the widget itself 
too). However, when you move like crazy the mouse up and down on an alternate 
background it is normal that this happens, I don't see the issue. Much more, I 
don't see your point on this statement.

> It would be much more usable if Trolltech changed the scroll-per-item
> feature behavior to behave more like snapping windows in KWin (and
> others): when you scroll the list, it should always scroll per pixel,
> but it shouldn't stop until a full item is visible.

Scroll per item has serious implementation problems, and I really didn't see 
the exact point of this.

Imagine your item is bigger than the viewport, for instance. You also can find 
similar problems when using this approach.

However, I think saying 'the implementation is not usable' because of one 
widget (which always have been behaving pretty strange, 10^6 times slower than 
the rest on resize operations, for instance) is pretty much hardcore.

I would say that the add applets widget is nice, but needs some reworking from 
my honest point of view.

Rafael Fernández López.
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