Consensus on the kdelibs coding style

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at
Mon Jul 14 07:19:03 BST 2008

Alle 20:21, 05/07/2008, Aaron J. Seigo ha scritto:
> On Saturday 05 July 2008, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> >  [Now, if you're happy with the Qt style, the way we got it and getting
> > occassionally pointed out that you put a space incorrectly, or you just
> > don't care and couldn't be bothered less, just say so and that's it, stop
> > here. In the worst case that I'm the only one who doesn't like this, then
> i really don't care *what* the style is (as long as it's not eye-bleedingly
> bad, of course =), but i do have issues with changing it time and again. i
> do have issues with the "keep bringing up a topic until you get your way"
> non- system of decision in kde. sometimes the answer is to realize that
> some things aren't *that* important compared to keeping momentum and
> respecting the resolution to a matter already made.
> bottom line is that there is a style there, it's been in use for over a
> year, changing it will only make someone else's preferences seem left out.
> as such, even though i too have small disagreements with the style, i
> strongly object to any changes to the style policy at this time.

And just like Chani I got used to it and actually I quite like it.

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