requiring cmake 2.6

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Jul 10 23:42:33 BST 2008

On Friday 11 July 2008, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> On Thursday 10 July 2008 19:59, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > With cmake 2.4 the binaries were relinked, with 2.6 the new RPATH is
> > patched into the existing executable.
> > Maybe this doesn't work on your system ?
> > Can you reproduce this with a testcase ?
> > Like
> > add_executable(hello main.c)
> > set_target_properties(hello PROPERTIES INSTALL_RPATH /blub/ )
> > install(TARGETS hello DESTINATION bin)
> >
> > and then check whether /blub made it into the installed executable.
> Sorry, that seems to have been a red herring of mine. While the
> intermediate executable has ::::::: in its RPATH and looks scary, the
> installed version is fine. I'm re-re-building KDE4 with cmake 2.6.0 on
> Solaris now to see if I can re-find the original problem I was having. I
> hope not; then you get an "all clear" from this niche-market side of the
> fence.
> I imagine there will have to be wholesale updates to CMakeLists.txt,
> though? 

What do you mean with this ?
Except introducing the new features there shouldn't be much required.

> kdesupport spits out a whole bunch of policy warnings, for
> instance.

The other modules (the ones using kdelibs) should be completely fine, 
kdesupport can be fixed (by using the same settings as kdelibs).
Not sure if we also need to require cmake 2.6 for kdesupport. I would leave 
this to the individual maintainers of the apps in kdesupport.


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