Consensus on the kdelibs coding style

Richard Moore richmoore44 at
Thu Jul 10 22:18:37 BST 2008

On 7/10/08, Cristian Tibirna <tibirna at> wrote:
> I actually agree with (and think like) Maksim.

I'm pissed off that I'm even posting to this thread, let alone twice.
The number of people who actually commit with any regularity to
kdelibs is tiny  - why not just check the SVN stats and ask them? I
don't see many people who do so on this thread, so perhaps it should
be dropped and we let the guys actually doing the work get on with it.

If the question is rephrased as should we let the people who are
working on kdelibs reindent if they want, then the answer is self
evidently yes.


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