Consensus on the kdelibs coding style

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at
Thu Jul 10 18:28:53 BST 2008

>> But I doubt that it will be really useful, as the membership isn't
>> maintaining kdelibs, so you won't get a very meaningful result.
> as in other cases, the e.v. membership is the best representation of
> concerned people we have.

Just because it's the best representation doesn't mean it's good
representation. The reality is that the e.V. selection procedures are
biased against coding contributors, as those who do promotion are
more in line with the expected goals of the e.V:

    The Association’s purpose is the promotion and distribution of free
    desktop software in terms of free software, and the program package
    "K Desktop Environment (KDE)" in particular, to promote the free
    exchange of knowledge and equality of opportunity in accessing
    software as well as education, science and research.

Notice that it doesn't say "development", and it can be only viewed as
remotely related to the other aspects. And that's fine, this stuff is very
important, too. It's certainly the sort of things the e.V. is meant to
help with.

And notice, the membership questionnaire asks for a purpose for being an
e.V. member. If it's meant to be representative, it can't ask that
question, since then membership --- or rather voting rights --- would have
to be an inherent right of any contributor (whatever "contributor" means).

Oh, and having a representation does not mean you have authority over
people. If 95% of people in my town were to decree that I should wear pink
clothing at home, would that make it a valid decision? I think not.

And seriously, you're annoyed that people whine about this stuff, so
you'll have a private mailing list take a vote, where there is no way of
knowing whether those that voted have even contributed a single line of
code? Yeah, that will help.

Really, if you think different indentation is a pain, I'd suggest you
write a little script or wikipage or such to produce modelines for what I
think are the 3 most used editors in KDE --- emacs, kate, vi --- and
encourage people to put all of them on their files to make things easier
for other people. I think everyone would welcome such a /suggestion/, and
would find such a resource very helpful.

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