Text in tabs being cut off

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Thu Jul 10 11:53:48 BST 2008

Am Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008 schrieb Lubos Lunak:
> On Tuesday 08 of July 2008, Girish Ramakrishnan wrote:
> > I thought qt-copy was for "immediate" hot fixes that
> > we want immediately during development. And the fix is arriving in the
> > next patch release (and we know the tab bar fix is coming only in the
> > next minor release). I might be completely off in my understanding of
> > the purpose of qt-copy here...
>  Not completely, but you are (assuming this is still about qt-copy/patches
> and not just qt-copy itself). I originally created qt-copy/patches because
> back then I got tired of trying to push patches through qt-bugs and I
> wanted a place where such patches could be collected and shared. So
> basically qt-copy/patches is for Qt patches that should be in Qt but are
> not, for whatever reason.

I agree with what Lubos said. My intention in providing that patch is that at 
least there will be a place for distributions to pick it up and distribute 
it. This should be done for patches we consider safe. AFAIK there are several 
distributions which pick up patches from qt-copy.

On Tuesday 08 of July 2008, Girish Ramakrishnan wrote:
> In any case, why not have the fix in KTabBar ifdef'ed for <= 4.4? If
> that's not possible maybe special case it in oxygen style's CT_TabBarTab
> (other styles will still be broken).

I strongly believe that bugs should be fixed where they occur. Fixing it in 
KTabBar doesn't seem like a good solution because it would still make users 
attribute the bug to the oxygen style if QTabBar is used. Creating an 
#ifdef'ed workaround for oxygen seems possible but on the one hand I don't 
know a lot about styles, on the other hand it doesn't "feel" right.

I'll commit the patch to qt-copy/patches for now. If someone wants to go ahead 
and fix it in kstyle or oxygen, just disable it. Regarding regressions: I 
haven't found any so far and I've been compiling with this patch for almost a 
month now.


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