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Diederik van der Boor vdboor at
Wed Jul 9 20:33:24 BST 2008

Op Wednesday 2 July 2008 21:56:20 schreef Stephen Kelly:
> Diederik van der Boor wrote:
> > I'm wondering, would it look better if the 4 items are just displayed
> > below each other? This way they could take the full with Many sentenses
> > become sort-of crammed inside the box right now.
> >
> > Think this page itself is a great idea :)
> >
> > Diederik
> Here's the latest major update.
> I've moved some content to below the info box and added relevant mailing
> lists.

Thanks, this is indeed better. :)

I think there are a few things that could be improved.
* margins:
  - add some spacing above  the "Get involved" and "Alternative tools" row. 
  - most headings have more "bottom margin" then "top margin".
* migrate more text to the paragraphs below, so the box only contains 
keywords. especially half-way it becomes a bit messy imho.

I just created a techbase account, but like to discuss these idea's first.

Other then that I'm quite happy with the page so far :)



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