[patch] KdePrint::createPrintDialog() on non-X11

Harri Porten porten at froglogic.com
Tue Jul 8 22:02:37 BST 2008


On Tue, 8 Jul 2008, John Layt wrote:

> BUT:  I was having an e-mail conversation with Dirk Mueller about a month ago
> (before everything went crazy) who wanted this all moved into a separate
> library or dlopened plugin or something as he had concerns about it affecting
> BC, especially if/when these features move upstream into Qt.  It's all way
> above my head, [...]

Hmm. I am a bit surprised to hear that as I remember you being one of the 
driving forces behind dumping the KDEPrint code for 4.0.

I understand that you probably just wanted to help out and I don't want to 
to target you personally or put you under pressure. Work on KDE should be 
fun and you private matters have absolutely priority.

I'm just trying to find an explanation of why KDE 4 is still in such a 
poor shape compared to KDE 3 after so many years and what we can learn 
from that. The KDEPrint "rework" is just one example for one of the main 
factors I recognize: brute force removal or deprecation of many classes 
("clean design", "portability") without any suitable replacement being 
available in time. The time horizon that KDE was "made ready for" may well 
exceed the life time of KDE 4.x. Letting users wait for such a long time 
is just crazy. Both for them and application developers.


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