[FUTURE PLANS] kuiserver

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Tue Jul 8 20:15:19 BST 2008

Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> Hi there,
> I see there are some people interested in kuiserver. I know it has been 
> revelealed on our way to KDE 4.0 on those nice dot.kde.org articles "The 
> road to KDE 4". I didn't make it the default nor I made it public cause 
> I knew it wasn't ready. First of all, it needed Goya in kdelibs for 
> being some cuttish, and later on, some other things. I also was planning 
> to write a plasmoid for this purpose, bug a GSoC student took it, so 
> good :)
> Now, from now I am going to take care of this little beast (kuiserver). 
> My first step will be to port it to use Goya, later I have planned some 
> things:
> - Create a new "fake" tracker. This tracker will read a config value 
> stored somewhere which will decide whether the user wants progress on 
> separate or on an unique window. From there, the work will be forwarded 
> to the correct tracker this time.
> - Write a KCM (still don't know where to place this one) for this. Here 
> the user would be able to select "Progress on separate windows", 
> "Progress on an unique window".

Nice to hear you are resuming work on this, I am really looking forward 
to have it on my desktop. I was just wondering if there was any reason 
for keeping the possibility to track progress in separate windows. If 
there is none (I can't think of one), then maybe we don't need this kcm.


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