[patch] kwalletd timeouts

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Tue Jul 8 09:37:59 BST 2008

Hi there,

ever since the migration to D-Bus wallet clients suffered from timeouts on 
their openWallet calls. This means that if you wait too long to type in your 
password (usually >25s) your application won't get an open wallet - even if 
your password was correct and you don't get an error.
Of course the timeout is changeable but afaik there's a maximum (6 hours? 
don't remember), so the error would only occur for less people.

Thus I propose the patch I attached which changes the (client) behaviour:
- send the open call to kwalletd
- if there's a timeout (dialog still shown on the server!) resend the call
As a result the timeouts is completely transparent to both the developer and 
the user. The dialog requesting the password will stay open as long as the 
user doesn't enter a password.

I also changed the password dialog behaviour to
- always stay on top which is a common bug to be fixed and is visible mainly 
on login
- NOT reactivate and steal keyboard focus on receiving another openWallet call

Disadvantages I can think of:
- A new transaction is appended to the daemon's transaction queue every time a 
new request is sent (ie. every 25 seconds). I think this is fixable though.

What do you think?
(If you try it, please be sure your qt-copy has patch 0235 applied!)

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