Consensus on the kdelibs coding style

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Sat Jul 5 21:32:06 BST 2008

On Saturday 05 July 2008, Michael Jansen wrote:
> > This (mixed-mode) is really almost super-evil.  vim seems to do this by
> > default and it's so annoying.  So even if you fix it on your editor the
> > next guy to go "vi foo.cpp" has a very good chance of screwing up the
> > spacing if they haven't fixed their vim either.
> Boy. You really would like to have a religious war here? Pulling editors
> into that discussion? You must be kidding. Isn't conding style personal
> enough?
> just kidding.
> I fail to understand what you mean. The only thing i can think of is the
> 'softtabstop' option. But that one is 0 by default. If you have problems
> with vim i probably can help. 10 years vim and counting.

If shiftwidth is 4 and tabstop is 8 with noet set, then vim will insert tabs 
as much as it can when indenting, using spaces to fill out to the appropriate 
multiple of shiftwidth.

The fix is just to set noet.

I'm sure emacs has the same capability.  I just don't know if it happens by 
default or not.

 - Michael Pyne
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