[kde-artists] [Patch] Will Commit::Names for Missing Oxygen icons

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Jul 4 12:01:31 BST 2008

Jakob Petsovits wrote:
> On Thursday 03 July 2008, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> It is hard to determine that.  It looks like in KDE3 that the
>> 'next' & 'previous' icons were assigned to "Next Page" & "Previous
>> Page" which was an error.  Then the error was covered up by making
>> the CrystalSVG icons the same as "forward" & "back"  Since we
>> didn't have a set of 4 icons for the "* Page" functions, the fix
>> was to change the icon names for these Standard Actions to
>> "forward" and "back" and I made CrystalSVG icons from someone
>> else's work for them.  There were no Standard Actions for the
>> icons: "next" :& "previous" so developers had to add them to their
>> application and should have added RTL reversal as well.  It appears
>> that in KDE4 that two new standard actions were added for these 
>> icons.  Perhaps the choice of the Standard Actions isn't correct,
>> but it still appears that they should be for these icons.
> That is not how I remember it. Instead of guessing,

I am not guessing about what I did.  I changed the icon name for the
Standard Actions "Next" & "Prior" in KDE3 and I made new CrystalSVG
icons: "next" & "previous" that were not the same as "forward" & "back".


>> Remember that developers can change the tooltip and use these two 
>> Standard Actions for something else.  You can use them for "Next in
>>  List" & "Previous in List"
> Like with the "global" go-* icons, you mean? That would even more
> support my point that if there is no more specific meaning to it, we
> should use the generic icons by default. (Remember that developers
> can not only change the tooltip but the icon too :P)

No, we have two sets of icons to indicate forward and backward motion 
[see attached].  It has been thus since before KDE-3.0.0 was released.

>> What you say makes sense, but I don't see it as the issue.  If you
>> think that the two Standard Actions are not correct, then you are
>> going to need to discuss it with the core developers.
> I believe they're correct, I just remember them being a solution for
> a technical problem rather than a user experience one.

If you have no objections to the Standard Actions "DocumentForward" & 
"DocumentBack", then I don't see what the problem is.

>> Actually, it is the for "go-*-page" icons that are new.  The icons
>> for "go-*-document" already exist in CrystalClear, CrystalSVG,
>> Kids, KDEClassic, LoColor, KDE3 Oxygen & Technical.  Other icon
>> themes (even GNOME themes -- wonder what they will do with the new
>> names) use the name but duplicate "forward" & "back".
> You mean the 1[right,left,up,down]arrow icons? Depending on the
> outcome of the above query, I believe those don't match those
> document actions but rather list navigation in general, whether or
> not it's on a document level or elsewhere.

No, as I said, I mean the icons with the names: "next" & "previous"

>> IAC, there is controversy over these icon names so I will not
>> commit them until it is resolved.
> Ok, let's see if we get the document back/forward standard actions
> explained and decide how to proceed afterwards.
I'm not sure what further explanation you need, but would be interested 
in what "dfaure" has to say.  We have two types of forward/backward 
actions.  The one used in browsing (including file management) and the 
one used for other purposes.  We have for some time had two sets of 
icons so that the user would not confuse the two.  So, we need two sets 
of Standard Actions to correspond to the two sets of icons.  That seems 
quite simple to me.  With your only issue being the choice of the word 
'Document" to indicate the non-browser forward/backward actions.

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